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Get easy access to your FB, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ Accounts

secure in safe zones

One screen which manages all your social messaging and identity

Remain safe in safe zones

Update all social accounts simultaneously

Real world privacy and security

Be productive, be social and save time

How it works

The Smart Social Hub is a quick, easy, and SMART way to access all your social media accounts, monitor them from one place, update/manage them from one window and even connect them to your web site if needed!

Setup a Smart Social Hub Quickly

Setting up a Smart Social Hub account is easy - try it free for 30 days and if you like it, renew it annually.

Connect to ALL your social media accounts

We provide a template to add you social media details and support you to set up your Smart Social Hub

Update your Status With Ease

All your social media interactions are pulled into your HUB. See them as they get updated or see only the once you want to see.

Do it all from your HUB

Update all your accounts at the same time or a select those which you wish to update.

PLUS: Each Social Media HUB can be opened on any device - desktops, mobile phones, tablets.... Easy....

Smart Social Hub

(Basic information you will need to use our Hub)

We make all our interfaces SMART. We will walk your through the process of setting up a Smart Social HUB.

so that you will be able to add, delete and update content as you see appropriate.

Of course, we will stand by to support you if you need us.

Product Support and Inquiries

Please feel free to contact our product support:
Corporate Address:
OneSmarter Inc.

4031 Colonel Glenn Hwy Ste 100, Beavercreek OH 45431.

About One Smarter Smart Social Hub

The One Smarter Smart Social Hub was developed to allow individual and organizations to manage all social accounts from one platform. We use the product internally to stay connected to the world.

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