One Smarter, Inc., develops innovative technology solutions to help you grow. We POWER clients in the financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, and education industries.



Extensive deployment of BOTS to change processes to near-real time with incredible accuracy. These include treasury operations, tax submissions, EDI, NACHA files and accounts payable functions.


We support HR forms processing with OCR/OMR and process automation. Working closely with HR clients, we have created solutions for I-9 audits improving compliance.


One Smarter, Inc. developed virtual encounter options for clinics and large multi-specialty hospitals to help healthcare facilities meet the needs of changing times.


Using dynamics portals and process automation tools, we supports telecom clients in building expense management portals and decision tools.


Programming Skills

Programming functional solutions by understanding problems is our core strength. Let's restate this a bit: We develop functional technology solutions for you by understanding your needs. Programming is an art and we push our limits every single day to deliver for you.

Practice Lead: Ajesh Anand
Database Management and Administration

We support multiple databases: Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, MongoDB, PostgresSQL and others. We can manage, maintain and support your technology environment 24/7.

Practice Lead: Minhaj Raheem
Architecture Analysis

Our technology solutions are driven by requirements analysis, prototyping, user interface design, and analysis. This enables our solutions to meet your vision.

Practice Leads: Swaroop Lal & Vishnu Raj


Robotic Process Automation

We reengineer and automate your recurring, repetitive, and high-cost processes. Our intelligent BOTS take over labor-intensive tasks and integrate across multiple systems and organizations.

Practice Lead: Subhash CK
Enterprise Applications

We create the enterprise-grade customer experience with our scalable and feature rich solutions. These include the finest customer experience with stunning web solutions and to mobility apps. We craft user experiences by blending art and human behavior to build consistent and modern user interfaces for our clients.

Practice Leads: Deepak Krishna & Jinto Paul
Digital Transformation

We work with you to digitally transform your business – connect with your customers, clients, and external stakeholders. Whether you want a dynamic digital marketplace or an executive dashboard; we can work with you from ideation to implementation.

Practice Lead: Swaroop Lal


Quality & Compliance

We align development with software validation, remediation, risk assessment, quality review and data integrity assessments.

Practice Lead: Aswathy Krishan
Global Project Management & Delivery

We manage global, integrated teams efficiently and effectively; weaving operational diversity into our cultural fabric.

Practice Leads: Swaroop Lal & Minhaj Raheem
Human Performance Excellence

We continue to seek ways to improve our performance - individually and as a team. This means preparation, education, certifications, and bringing a richness to our work which is meaningful and engaging.

Practice Leads: Vishnu Raj & Swaroop Lal

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