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Setup SAFE Zones

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Work securely in SAFE Zones

Remain safe in safe zones

Remain safe outside your SAFE Zone

Real world privacy and security

Use SAFE Zones for privacy & security

How it works

The Real World Privacy App is a quick and powerful way to automatically turn off your Wifi function when your phone leaves a SAFE zone

Setup two SAFE zones

One with a radius of 50M and another with a 100M radius. These SAFE zones now are trusted areas where your Wi-Fi function is on and connects to other networks normally.

Remain Secure

Reduce the risk of exposing yourself to possible malicious and harmful connections.

Remain SAFE

Since you know the identity of the networks in your safe zones, you have a lower risk of being exposed to malicious and unknown networks.

Automatic Operation

As soon as your phone's GPS detects that the phone is not in a SAFE zone, it turns off the Wi-Fi. Connections are restored when you re-enter a SAFE Zone.

Available on all Android devices

Very Intuitive Interface

(The only information you need to use our App !)

How to Set and Save Safe Zones

50m icon 100m icon

To set a 50 m radius zone, touch the 50M icon located at the top once and then touch anywhere on the map. A blue circle will appear at the point of touch and represents a 50 m safe zone.

To set a 100 m radius zone, touch the 100M icon located at the top once and then touch anywhere on the map. A blue circle will appear at the point of touch and represents a 100 m safe zone.

The App automiatically saves your safe zones.

How to Delete Safe Zone (s)

delete button

Press the "Delete" button located at the top of the screen to delete all SAFE zones.

Alternatively, long press the SAFE zone circle you wish to delete once.

To find locations on the map

locator button

To find the current location, press the "Locate" icon on the map screen.

To find any location, type in the location address or name on the location bar and press "Go".

Override Function

Override button

If you are outside your SAFE zone and want to temporarily turn on Wi Fi capability for 30 minutes period, press the "Override" icon.

Product Support and Inquiries

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About Real World Privacy

The Real World Privacy app was developed in response to an increasing number of malicious attacks using Wi-Fi networks to retrieve information from mobile devices. We want our own mobile devices to be secure, and we believe that you do too. So go ahead, try our app, and set up your own SAFE zones. The app will automatically turn off your Wi-Fi in other areas. This will not only stop unwanted connectivity but will also save your battery.

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